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The NTHS Jazz Band


Welcome to “Band Land” at North Tahoe High School. It is my sincere hope that NTHS Music offers a safe place for all students to congregate and for musicians to feel their efforts are challenged and rewarded.

NTHS Music has a long tradition of excellence that is demonstrated with quality performances for the public, excellent and superior ratings from esteemed judges and awards for excellence both for individuals as well as entire bands.

2015-2016 saw everything turn to gold for the department. Nine out of 10 judges ranked NTHS Jazz Band as a “Superior” performance band and was considered one of the best sight reading bands in the state by judges from the Santa Cruz Jazz Festival. They were the first band to be a “Command Performance” group for over 25 years. The Jazz Band has been invited to perform at the Monterey Jazz Festival and to compete at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival in Idaho. We may not go, but the invitation shows true performance excellence. At a festival at “Music in the Parks” a middle school director emailed me telling me that students from the NTHS music department complimented his program and told me he was impressed by the “good nature and kindness” exhibited by our “kids.”

Our performers have played for blind centers, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, elementary schools, amusement parks, Rotary events, community events and competitions to name a few. We have played three times in New York and are working towards our fourth. Dr. Peter Boonshaft of Hofstra University has called NTHS Music a Class Act and a band he “loves to work with.” Some of our students have been accepted to prestigious colleges for their musical excellence and scholarships are common thanks to the good name of NTHS Music.

It is a thrill and a privilege to be a part of this amazing program. The students have made me so proud and I am so thankful to be here. It is our hope that NTHS Music will continue to succeed and thanks to an understanding administration, a wonderful community who constantly contributes to the program and amazing students who keep believing that music is a good thing, I am certain music will be played here and played well for years to come.

Thank You,

Dean Nordby
Director of Bands
North Tahoe High School


Mr. Dean Nordby
Band Director
(530) 581-7000 Ext 31343