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Truckee High’s La Fuerza Latina program helps students reach potential

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Over the past two years, Truckee High School teacher Craig Rowe has seen some very hard-working, high-performing students who have the opportunity to be the first generation college student in their family.

Unfortunately, many of them don't have the financial resources or college savvy support at home to enable them to compete at high-level schools.

Rowe is passionate about students having an equal chance to attend the college of their dreams and took the initiative to form La Fuerza Latina, a small college prep admissions program for Truckee High students.

The goal of this program is raising the collegiate bar for all students at Truckee High and providing the kind of high-caliber admissions prep paid consultants provide, so students have the opportunity to compete at the highest level nationally, earn scholarships and reach their potential. (Read More...)