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A Strong TTUSD Community

Dear TTUSD Community:

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends. While holidays can be a time of celebration with family, it can bring up stressors as well.

As we enter into the rest of the holiday season I want to reiterate to parents, students, and the community, our district’s commitment to providing a safe, respectful, and welcoming learning environment for all of our students. At TTUSD, our vision, beliefs, and values are built upon maintaining positive school climates that promote student learning and development for all.

Recent national events have left some of our students feeling anxious and afraid. Strong emotions and feelings of conflict, fear, and vulnerability may continue to exist among many in our community for some time. As a school district, we are united in supporting one another and in our commitment to always value each and every student we serve, and to uphold a culture of safety and respect.

Keeping all of our students safe from discrimination, harassment, and bullying is a top priority. Our district has strong policies and procedures against any discrimination and harassment regardless of a student’s race, ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Any incident of bullying or harassment is unacceptable.  

Please help share our message about the importance of keeping everyone safe, and continuing to build a respectful and inclusive community.


Dr. Robert Leri

Superintendent Chief Learning Officer